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Riding the Road Less Traveled on a Fat Bike


You may have seen one of these rare beasts – a mountain bike looking thing with cartoon-like over-inflated knobby tires. These bikes were once as rare as a Sasquatch sighting, but in the last two years the fat bike has opened up all-season, all-terrain biking in the Pacific Northwest from the backcountry trails of Kootenay B.C. to Oregon’s Christmas Valley ... Read More »

Short and Sweet: Overnight Bike Trips in Cascadia


Where can you bicycle if you only have today and tomorrow? My range depends on which month of summer, as my comfort level with thirty, fifty, or seventy miles of riding increases with proximity to autumn. Then there are people like my husband who ride 100-mile days for three solid weeks in June, as he did from our home in ... Read More »

Ride Like the Wind: Cycling the Palouse


The Palouse of eastern Washington and north Idaho is the region’s breadbasket and one the nation’s premier dryland farming regions, its 4,000 square miles of wind-sculpted hills unfolding under an endless sea of wheat and beans. Outside the raucous Greek Rows and stadiums of Washington State University in Pullman and The University of Idaho in Moscow, life is pretty quiet ... Read More »

A Few Decades on Galbraith Mountain: A Cultural History


Story by Mark Peterson It has been an incredible experience to witness the immense amount of positive change a sport like mountain biking – and an asset like Galbraith Mountain – can bring to a community. North Lookout Mountain, commonly known as Galbraith Mountain, has changed drastically over the past 20 years as mountain biking has taken root and flourished ... Read More »

A Wheelman’s Passing: The Saga of Frank G. Lenz


Story by David V. Herlihy Photos Courtesy of David Herlihy Sandpoint, Idaho. September 14, 1892. It was a scene that would become standard fare in Westerns produced a half-century later: a dusty stranger rides into a small town at dusk, descends from his mount, and saunters into the main hotel, while the murmuring locals crane their necks for a view of ... Read More »

Autumn Bike Rides: Pedaling without the Gore-Tex


Story and photos by Mike McQuaide “But tomorrow may rain, so I’ll follow the sun” - Lennon & McCartney Depending on when you read this, that rude saucy lass named Autumn is here or on her way. And with her, she bears gifts of spit-in-your-face rain, mud by the bucket load and gloom-filled skies of perpetual gray. As an avid ... Read More »

Dodging Turkeys: Mike McQuaide Interviews Himself


Story and photos by Mike McQuaide With thousands of miles of snaking tarmac that winds, wends, climbs and descends through some of the country’s most stunning and varied terrain – alpine meadows to jewel-like islands; arid desert to lush rain forest – Washington State is truly an amazing place to ride a bike. And now Mountaineers Books of Seattle has ... Read More »

(Biking) Life begins at 60: An Unlikely Love Story


story by CHUCK ROBINSON  | “Life begins at forty and I’m just living all over again.” That’s what the song says, but of course, sixty is the new forty and that’s when I began living my life—my biking life—all over again. Way back on my seventh birthday when I lived in a small Illinois farm town, my parents told me ... Read More »