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Sagebrush and Singletrack: Mountain Biking the Tri-Cities


“Left! Right! Right! Left! Duck!” I’m playing a dizzying game of two-wheeled follow-the-leader in   in the heart of Richland, WA. Leaning my elbows into the fragrant sagebrush that closely flanks the singletrack, I echo the commands as they’re passed down the eight-rider conga line – to turn at the frequent intersections, and to occasionally duck under the head-lopping cottonwood limbs ... Read More »

Pass or Fail: A Gravity Lesson at Rainy Pass


Through the sweat dripping from my brow, I squinted to read the sign: “Rainy Pass, elevation 4855.” I collapsed on the gravel. Staring up at the pine trees in the forested rest area I silently celebrated and waited for the other two. Nate and Bayly should have been just behind me. They never showed up. The morning of July 2, ... Read More »

Is a Folding Bike the Answer to Your Commuter Blues?

hill and knees

For the eighth year in a row Washington has been named the top bicycle-friendly state in the country by the League of American Bicyclists. Cities across the Pacific Northwest have been adding commuter bike lanes to make urban biking safer and to encourage traffic weary commuters to leave the comfort of their car for the exhilaration of the bike seat. ... Read More »

The World’s Most Unusual Cycling Events


If you own some wheels, a handle bar and a seat, it seems there’s no stopping you from having great fun as a competitor or a participant in some of the world’s most unorthodox or even ‘’weirdest’’ cycling races. They’re aplenty and can be found from London to St. Louis. Some of these may even compete for the title “Weirdest ... Read More »

The Chuckanut Century: Celebrating Cycling for 36 Years

© CJ Berg

It was raining on October 13, 1979 in northwest Washington. Dave Fayram remembers it well. Fayram is one of the founders of The Mount Baker Bike Club (MBBC) and its signature event, The Chuckanut Century, a road bike ride that grew from that first rainy ride to  become a beloved annual local event. “There were about 20 people,” Fayram says. ... Read More »

A Cycling Dream Come True: The Olympic Discovery Trail


Where can cyclists encounter old growth forest, mountain vistas, rolling farmland, serene lakes, flowing rivers and ocean beaches, and even catch a glimpse of our Canadian neighbors to the north, all within a 130-mile radius? Nowhere but on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula! The Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT) traverses this most scenic region of the state from historic Port Townsend on the ... Read More »

Riding the Road Less Traveled on a Fat Bike


You may have seen one of these rare beasts – a mountain bike looking thing with cartoon-like over-inflated knobby tires. These bikes were once as rare as a Sasquatch sighting, but in the last two years the fat bike has opened up all-season, all-terrain biking in the Pacific Northwest from the backcountry trails of Kootenay B.C. to Oregon’s Christmas Valley ... Read More »

Short and Sweet: Overnight Bike Trips in Cascadia


Where can you bicycle if you only have today and tomorrow? My range depends on which month of summer, as my comfort level with thirty, fifty, or seventy miles of riding increases with proximity to autumn. Then there are people like my husband who ride 100-mile days for three solid weeks in June, as he did from our home in ... Read More »

Ride Like the Wind: Cycling the Palouse


The Palouse of eastern Washington and north Idaho is the region’s breadbasket and one the nation’s premier dryland farming regions, its 4,000 square miles of wind-sculpted hills unfolding under an endless sea of wheat and beans. Outside the raucous Greek Rows and stadiums of Washington State University in Pullman and The University of Idaho in Moscow, life is pretty quiet ... Read More »

A Few Decades on Galbraith Mountain: A Cultural History


Story by Mark Peterson It has been an incredible experience to witness the immense amount of positive change a sport like mountain biking – and an asset like Galbraith Mountain – can bring to a community. North Lookout Mountain, commonly known as Galbraith Mountain, has changed drastically over the past 20 years as mountain biking has taken root and flourished ... Read More »