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A Winter Walk in the Olympics


This was our third attempt to explore the Olympic Mountains in mid-winter. The first two tries had been thwarted by storms and we had ended up on the beach instead. Not this time. After procuring our permits at the Wilderness Info Center in Port Angeles, we drove up the Hurricane Ridge Road in a thick fog, emerging above the cloud ... Read More »

A Celebration of Wonder: The Photography of Sue Cottrell


I delight in using my camera in unusual ways to discover scenes in nature that may not stand out at first glance. I enjoy taking long exposures while moving my camera; discovering art that the ocean left behind; shooting from an unusual angle; or finding detail in a flower that when isolated from the whole, presents a little world unto ... Read More »

A Mirror on the World: The Evocative Photo Mandalas of Lance Ekhart


Lance Ekhart is seeing things. Amazing, beautiful, complicated things. The Anacortes, WA.-based photographer has been capturing the beauty of Pacific Northwest (and other) landscapes for many years (his images of the San Juan Islands graced the pages of our Spring 2013 issue). But recently, Ekhart started experimenting with a completely new way of interpreting the landscapes that he loves, creating ... Read More »

The Many Moods of Winter: The Photography of Mark Turner


Northwest winters have many moods. Gray on gray blizzards famously dump deep snow around Mount Baker, but then we awaken to magical sunshine. Blue sky reflects off sparkling snow, revealing trees morphed into Seussian forms and accessible only by ski or snowshoe. Down near the Salish Sea I find frost the morning after a cold snap. Cottonwood buds and rose ... Read More »

Autumn in the Canadian Rockies


When a freak autumn storm blew in to the Cascades, dumping snow and packing winds in excess of 50 MPH, our long-anticipated eight day backpacking trip to the Enchantment Lakes was suddenly not looking like such a great idea. After a series of long-distance phone calls and a flurry of e-mails, we shifted direction and headed to the Canadian Rockies, ... Read More »

Autumn Colors: The Photography of Floris van Breugel


Autumn is perhaps the most wonderful time to be in the mountains, especially the North Cascades. Many of the sub-alpine hillsides (between 5,000 and 7,000 feet or so) are covered in berry bushes, and around mid- to late-September the berries ripen into heavenly little treats. These are Cascade Bilberries. They have one of the more appropriate Latin names I’ve come across: Vaccinium ... Read More »

Playing with Pinnipeds: The Sea Lions of Hornby Island

I first saw Jess Newley’s amazing underwater photographs of salmon about a year ago. As a photographer myself, I was impressed with the quality of the images and amazed at the window into the world of this iconic symbol of the northwest that the pictures provided. Jess and her husband Chris are true adventurers – they are both divers, photographers ... Read More »

The Black (and White) Magic of Dennis Walton

by Dennis Walton The scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest enthralls me. This splendor is what brought me here to live. The colors and patterns of the landscapes give even the most casual photographer the opportunity to take memorable landscape photographs. Recently I have become enamored with a more classic view of the mountains – black and white images. Using ... Read More »

The Southwest: Secret Places, Golden Light

by John D’Onofrio Each year in the spring, I have made it a long-standing habit to send myself on vacation down to the Southwest. Specifically, the Colorado Plateau country of southern Utah, northern Arizona – and occasionally – northwestern New Mexico and eastern Nevada. The red and purple landscapes of these dreamlands are as different from the lush blue-green of ... Read More »

The San Juans: High Tide, Calm Seas, Golden Light

by Lance Ekhart   I’ve been poking around the San Juan Islands with my sailboat for 12 years and I keep coming back to three little islands in the group: Matia, Sucia and Patos. Their fantastic sandstone formations perched above narrow and precipitous ledges compel me to find a way to access them, often a risky endeavor by dinghy, rewarding ... Read More »