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The Magic of the Inside Passage: Images from a Solo Sojourn


Water is my element, where I feel most at home. Kayaking is my passion, bringing out the best in me and challenging me to be better. Bringing a camera on my watery sojourns helps me share this passion in a colorful, soulful reality. In spring 2010, with my world scaled down to an eighteen-foot sea kayak and a 1,200 mile ribbon of water ... Read More »

Winter on the Olympic Coast: Hole in the Wall


In our winter issue we highlighted the hike to Hole in the Wall on the Olympic Coast as a truly great winter outing. Just to be sure, we hauled our backpacks out there for a few days, a trip timed to coincide with the calm just before a predicted winter storm. The weather Gods were accommodating and we were given ... Read More »

Tore Ofteness Shoots the Moon

Sherman Peak, Mount Shuksan and Long Night Moon

I spent the first eight years of my life in rural Norway, surrounded by water, hills and mountains. In order to see it properly, I climbed trees for a higher perspective. When I came to Bellingham, the landscape was much like Norway so I quickly felt at home – but airplanes have replaced climbing trees. Here in the Pacific Northwest, ... Read More »

The Magic of the Equinox: Photography by Buff Black

20_Sunrise over the Mt Baker Wilderness, Fisheye Pano from Winchester 4714_© Buff Black

Of the two equinoxes – spring and fall – it’s the time around the autumnal equinox that I seem to photograph more.  As summer hands off to fall, and the kids are back in school, my ‘backcountry brethren’ and I head to the North Cascades for our annual backpack adventure. It’s an egalitarian time of the year, with all the world having the same ... Read More »

The Wildflower Gardens of Skyline Divide


Each summer there are a few weeks when Skyline Divide may be the most beautiful place on earth. It is at this time – the apex of summer – that the wildflower gardens carpeting the Divide burst forth in a display of alpine color that is among the best in the North Cascades. The trail meanders along the ridge, offering ... Read More »

Shi-Shi Beach: Shangri-La on the Olympic Coast


I’ve hiked pretty much the entire Olympic coast and can say without reservation that my favorite spot on this beautiful coastline is Shi-Shi Beach and Point of Arches. The Point of Arches is the dramatic highlight, thrusting out into the Pacific from the south end of the beach. On a spring backpacking trip, I was fortunate enough to enjoy several ... Read More »

An Advocate for Wilderness: The Photography of Ethan Welty

A young man is reflected in a tarn above Lake Ann, Mount Baker Wilderness, Washington.

Raised in Seattle, I’m thankful to have once called these mountains home. These shy and beautiful mountains inspired me to rope up, make a career of photography, and go back to school for glacier science. Now I regularly travel back from Colorado to satiate my appetite for their granite faces, tree-drenched valleys, and lofty alpine basins on a life-long quest ... Read More »

A Winter Walk in the Olympics


This was our third attempt to explore the Olympic Mountains in mid-winter. The first two tries had been thwarted by storms and we had ended up on the beach instead. Not this time. After procuring our permits at the Wilderness Info Center in Port Angeles, we drove up the Hurricane Ridge Road in a thick fog, emerging above the cloud ... Read More »

A Celebration of Wonder: The Photography of Sue Cottrell


I delight in using my camera in unusual ways to discover scenes in nature that may not stand out at first glance. I enjoy taking long exposures while moving my camera; discovering art that the ocean left behind; shooting from an unusual angle; or finding detail in a flower that when isolated from the whole, presents a little world unto ... Read More »