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Going the Distance: Bellingham Bay to Baker – and Back


The journey really began nearly a year ago when I didn’t complete the 108-mile never-been-done-before run from Bellingham Bay to the summit of Mount Baker and back on foot. Bad weather didn’t permit a summit attempt that day but three runners had success a few weeks later. Dan Probst, who has spent the better part of the last three years ... Read More »

Running in the Rain


If you live in the Northwest, especially on the west side of the Cascade Mountains, you get used to rain. When I was a teenager, I used to love strolling the mile between my house and my best friend’s house when it was pouring outside. There was something so gloriously messy about walking unconcerned through puddles and arriving at her ... Read More »

A Sense of Belonging: In Praise of Running Clubs


There’s nothing quite like the adventure of falling in love. Several years ago, while living in Seattle, I fell in love with Bill, a runner who lived in Bellingham. And love, sweet love, makes miles feel short and a freeway feel like a very happy road to travel, indeed. For a couple of years, we shuffled between our two homes ... Read More »

Some Sage Running Advice


My eyes focused solely on the next step – to glance away could mean a sprained ankle, or worse, a tumble off the goat trail carved into the canyon wall. I had spent much of the last mile navigating the vertical canyon walls at breakneck speeds as it dwindled to nothing more than a rutted, rock-strewn cattle trail high above ... Read More »

The Return of the Mountain Runners


“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” –Henry David Thoreau Where does inspiration come from? Some people find it in the books they read. Others find it through their dreams or during conversations with friends. I’m no stranger to sudden inspiration. I once had an idea to run a marathon on every continent (after completing ... Read More »

Girls on the Run: Inspiration, Gratitude…and Fun!


Perched atop the forested hill, they launch one by one. The first takes off down the twisting trail, pony-tails flying, arms spread out like a baby fledgling bird. Between hoots and squeals we hear her shout, “I am a really good artist!”  Once she is out of sight, the next runner readies for take-off, and soon we hear another positive ... Read More »

The Art of Falling


Adventure is a risk. Take the adventure of running. We won’t risk falling if we don’t run (or hike or bike or ski, for that matter), but we won’t run if we don’t risk falling, will we? It’s a natural tendency to be careful and safe, but so many of us are drawn to adventure and risk for a reason: ... Read More »

A Competitive Edge: Rolfing for Athletes


I work with recreational, competitive, and professional athletes to further their performance, aide in injury recovery and help reduce the wear and tear of training. This approach varies from individual sessions to approaches that span a competitive season. Many clients use Rolfing to manage acute and chronic pain associated with past injuries. These approaches may not require the completion of ... Read More »

Rim to Rim: On the Run in the Grand Canyon


Much ado has been made about barefoot running since McDougal’s book “Born to Run” was published in 2009. However, little note has been taken of the case that the author makes that we were born to run or more specifically, that our species advanced through evolution by virtue of our ability to run long distances. Perhaps if he had been ... Read More »