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Your Own Tour De France: Cycling Europe’s Magical Bike Route


Cycling in the south of France is a bucket-list experience for many avid cyclists. A leisurely weekend spent pedaling your own “Tour de France” is sure to be one that you’ll remember for years and offers myriad opportunities to slow down, unwind and smell the flowers Before starting your weekend through Southern France’s endless fields and vineyards, it’s important that ... Read More »

Dispatch From The Field: A Hiker’s Guide To Wolf Sign And Climate Change

Wolf Eyes 3

Everyone who visits the Tongass National Forest in southeast Alaska wants to know: have you seen evidence of climate change? As if experiencing climate change was like catching a fleeting glimpse of a wolf slipping through the trees. There is no single moment that defines our experience of climate change in Alaska. Single moments are just weather – strange weather, for sure ... Read More »

Along the Skagit: A Winter Gathering of Eagles


I can still remember my parents teaching me how to spot a bald eagle, “look for the white head and tail feathers since their bodies are black and difficult to see.” It’s January on the Skagit River near Rockport, WA and the bright white heads of bald eagles are prominent against the grayness of the riverbanks and naked alders. Even ... Read More »

Lessons from the Wild: Yearning for Connection


Deer don’t usually impress me. When I see a doe lingering just off trail, I stare into the brush, willing a hungry mountain lion to teach a predator-prey lesson. Maybe it’s cynicism born from incomplete ecosystems or the fact that deer seem to frequent suburban cul-de-sacs as regularly as UPS trucks. But perhaps, like many instances of indifference, it is ... Read More »

Explore New Zealand’s Waitakere Ranges Regional Park

Adventures-NW-Waitakere-Ranges-Regional-Park                          _

The Waitakere Ranges near Auckland in New Zealand are a chain of hills that actually runs through the Auckland Metropolitan area, making it an easy to reach, convenient destination for travellers in search of wild natural beauty, rugged cliffs and secret hidden beaches. There are also larger – not so hidden – beaches that are favorites of surfers. The Waitakere ... Read More »

The Edge of Paradise: A Walk on the Na Pali Coast


Story and photos by John D’Onofrio I’ve been thinking about the 22-mile Kalalua trail for many, many moons. The trek is a world classic; winding along the breathtakingly beautiful Na Pali coast of Kuai’i on an ancient route that skirts heart-pounding cliffs and dives into primordial jungle. Na Pali is aptly named. It means, literally, the cliffs. Direct and to ... Read More »

Best sailing destinations in Jamaica


Whether your idea of a fun sailing holiday means a serene sunset sail or a luxurious, pre-packaged cruise with cruise lines like Thomson, Jamaica offers near-perfect conditions to meet your every sailing needs. While Jamaica is not particularly known as a top sailing destination, the country boasts some exciting sailing locations with warm waters, ideal winds and beautiful harbours and ... Read More »

No Time for Tea: Making Tracks in Victoria, BC


Story and photos by Craig Romano From the top of Mount Douglas, I find it difficult to keep running. No, the trails and roads leading to this small peak on the outskirts of Victoria didn’t wipe me out. They’re not that long, nor that steep. No, it’s just Mount Douglas – like almost all of the other places to run ... Read More »

Human Powered Travel: The Road to Yellowstone


Story and photos by Lisa Toner Soggy clouds lingered over Bellingham Bay and remnants of the morning’s downpour clung stubbornly to pavement and grass. Huddled on the beach at Marine Park, we realized that we could put it off no longer: It was time to pedal into the unknown. We said goodbye to my parents, mounted our fully loaded bicycles, ... Read More »