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Libations of the Methow Valley

The Methow Valley might be world famous for its vast trail network, but there’s another activity quickly gaining in popularity: Enjoying après ski libations in various valley venues. It’s amazing how many opportunities there are to imbibe in a town with only 34 downtown buildings. These aren’t your grand-dad’s dark smoky bars, but rather quaint tap houses, brewpubs, and wine …

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Cross Country Skiing Nirvana in Washington’s Methow Valley

Imagine a valley where cross country skiing is its life force and the dominant driver of the economy. Imagine a place with no stoplights for sixty miles in any direction, but night time skies with stars as far as you can see. Imagine waking up in a cabin with 225 kilometers of freshly groomed ski trails out your front door. …

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The Art of the Landscape

Washington State is a magnificent land of dynamic contrasts. It is a land born of fire, sculpted by ice and molded by the forces of time. It’s a landscape of diverse microclimates and geological features and expressions that arrest the senses. It is a living painting unfolding before our very eyes. The extraordinary beauty of our state is often close …

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Riding the Road Less Traveled on a Fat Bike

You may have seen one of these rare beasts – a mountain bike looking thing with cartoon-like over-inflated knobby tires. These bikes were once as rare as a Sasquatch sighting, but in the last two years the fat bike has opened up all-season, all-terrain biking in the Pacific Northwest from the backcountry trails of Kootenay B.C. to Oregon’s Christmas Valley …

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Skate Skiing the Methow

Brown’s farm vanishes from sight as you turn left along the Methow River and disappear into trees and rolling hills.  The only sound is the crunch of perfectly groomed snow under your skate skis and the air rushing from your lungs as you glide over the Twalks-Foster suspension bridge on your way to exploring 120 miles of groomed trails that …

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