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Magic Hours on the Olympic Coast

My husband and I venture out to the wild and lonely Olympic Coast as often as we can. I’m always amazed by the quality and the angle of the light at the ocean’s edge. The sun often rises and sets through thick, opaque mist. Then the fog clears, revealing the drama of waves relentlessly pounding the sea stacks and islands. ... Read More »

Shi-Shi Beach: Shangri-La on the Olympic Coast

I’ve hiked pretty much the entire Olympic coast and can say without reservation that my favorite spot on this beautiful coastline is Shi-Shi Beach and Point of Arches. The Point of Arches is the dramatic highlight, thrusting out into the Pacific from the south end of the beach. On a spring backpacking trip, I was fortunate enough to enjoy several ... Read More »

Walking the Edge: Explorations on the Wildest Coastline in America

  The towering headlands, crowned with mist, Their feet among the billows, know That Ocean is a mighty harmonist                                               – William Wordsworth There’s something about spending days and nights beside the sea. Maybe it’s the invigorating wind that blows across it, unhindered for 5,000 miles. Perhaps it’s the rhythm of the waves, like a heartbeat, slowing the pulse and ... Read More »