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The Journey Home: Embracing the Wild Within


Let’s begin by walking. It hardly matters where we go, but today we follow the gravel road to its end on Ruth Creek. Many of us have been to this trailhead before, hiked in this valley more than once, perhaps even climbed the glaciers that feed this creek. But today we aren’t hiking to a destination or climbing to a ... Read More »

Still Wild After All These Years: The Wilderness Act Turns 50

Climbers on Mt. Ruth. Photo by Brett Baunton

More than one hundred million acres. This is the quantity of designated wilderness lands in the United States of America today. This bounty is the result of the Wilderness Act, signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson on September 3, 1964. The Act defines “wilderness” in language unusually poetic for legislation: “A wilderness, in contrast with those areas where ... Read More »

An Advocate for Wilderness: The Photography of Ethan Welty

A young man is reflected in a tarn above Lake Ann, Mount Baker Wilderness, Washington.

Raised in Seattle, I’m thankful to have once called these mountains home. These shy and beautiful mountains inspired me to rope up, make a career of photography, and go back to school for glacier science. Now I regularly travel back from Colorado to satiate my appetite for their granite faces, tree-drenched valleys, and lofty alpine basins on a life-long quest ... Read More »