A Letter from the Publisher

When all is said and done, Adventures Northwest Magazine can best be described as a labor of love.

Each issue highlights the talents of some of Cascadia’s finest (and most passionate) writers, photographers, poets, and artists and is painstakingly assembled by our small—but dedicated—staff, guided by our unwavering mission of inspiring deep connections to the joys of outdoor recreation and the transformative beauty of Cascadia.

This mission has been our guiding light since we launched the magazine back in 2006.

Today, as we navigate stressful and uncertain times, people everywhere have discovered (or re-discovered) the value of getting outside and our mission seems more relevant—and resonant—than ever.

We have always been determined to make the magazine available for free at our distribution points around the region, and we also offer paid subscriptions, allowing readers to receive each issue delivered right to their mailbox.

By subscribing, you help us keep our labor of love alive by supporting our work, and also ensure that you’ll never miss an issue of Adventures Northwest.

Thank you for your support!

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With Appreciation,

John D’Onofrio, publisher/editor

"What I especially love about Adventures Northwest, besides its fine writing, stunning photography, the great breadth of topics and landscapes, and the poetry, is the unusual way in which it seeks and often finds real intimacy with the rest of the natural world. So many outdoors publications seem to want to subject some mythic "Nature" to the exploits of the Human, and with gusto. ANW recognizes that people are truly a part of nature, and that an adventure worth having should celebrate our wholeness with the lands, waters, plants, and creatures, rather than subordinating them to our own bravado."

- Robert Michael Pyle