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A Letter from the Publisher

Adventures Northwest Magazine has always been about expressing the beauty of where we live, highlighting the importance of connecting to the natural world and supporting our community. In these difficult times, these things seem more important than ever.

Since we began publishing in 2006, it has been our mission to engender and celebrate a genuine love for the land by combining heartfelt, passionate writing and exquisite photography, to appeal to both head and heart.

The COVID-19 situation has really challenged us financially.

As a publication that has been almost-100% supported by advertising, we are facing difficult times as our community struggles with the economic impacts of the virus.

So we are asking you, our readers, for some help. Although the magazine is distributed for free throughout Washington and British Columbia (we’ve always felt strongly about making the magazine available to everyone) we also offer subscriptions, allowing readers to receive each issue delivered right to their mailbox.

At this time, we hope that you will consider subscribing to Adventures Northwest and in so doing, to help us to weather this storm, to continue to support environmental healing and the community we cherish, and to continue to publish our “labor of love” for years to come.

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With Sincere Gratitude,

John D’Onofrio, publisher/editor