8 Gift Ideas for the Adventurous Man

Men are already difficult to find gifts for—but with an outdoorsman, you might be feeling hopeless. “Don’t get me anything!” They say, “I just want to be outside!” Which we know, of course, is really code for, “You better read my mind because if you get me junk, it’s going straight to Goodwill! The man van has no room for junk.” Don’t despair. We’ll help you crack the outdoorsy code.


Outdoorsy folks are major suckers for maps; it’s the weirdest thing. Doesn’t even matter what kind of map. World maps, local maps, generic maps, weather patterns of surf spots, or iconic bird sightings, anything will do. What’s more, a map takes up hardly any space. In fact, it actually makes his space more appealing and personalized, if he hangs it up.

A Fresh Hammock

Ultimate outdoorsmen have a thing for sleeping suspended under the stars. A new hammock for him is just as exciting and luxurious as a brand-new set of linens would be for you. Plus, there’s a whole collection of associated gadgets that can go hand-in-hand with hammocking. You’d be set for the next five holidays or so.

An Outdoor Care Package

Sometimes the sweetest gift is also the most practical, and the least expensive. Spend some time compiling important phone numbers, directions, safety information, climate details, etc., and put them together into a single notebook. Then add in some essentials like matches, batteries, sunscreen, duct tape, gauze, rubbing alcohol, and a flashlight. Fill the rest of the box with snacks, small, fun items, and gadgets. The gesture will mean more to him than anything.

New Quality Gear

While the handyman in your life is lusting after a new power tool, the outdoorsman has new survival gear at the top of his wish list. Guaranteed. Go with Uncharted Supply Co survival gear for the biggest smiles and top-notch quality. They’ve got everything under the sun, from flannels and first aid, to multitools and lights. Making an investment on serious gear for him shows exactly how much you care about his interests—not to mention, his safety. You really can’t go wrong here.

A Smartwatch

The allure of tracking statistics and outdoor workouts is enough to convince most guys to get a smartwatch, even if they rarely step foot into the great outdoors. The wilderness man in your life will put a smartwatch to great use, especially a waterproof one with GPS capabilities. He can track his health and progress, and you can rest easier knowing he’s also tracking his location, heart rate, and hydration intake.

Cooking Gear

The sexiest gear for an outdoorsy guy has to do with how compact it can get, how light it can be, and how powerful it is. The best way to tap into this category is to delve into the realm of adventure cooking gear. For example, you can find a burner stove for just a few ounces that folds up flat into a backpack. That alone will make a grown man drool. Happy hunting!

An All-Purpose Jacket

Talk to him about the types of terrains and climates he spends the most time in, and do some research about getting him some new outerwear. Whatever your priority is, be it insulation or rain protection or warmth or weight, the perfect coat is out there. The real trick will be getting him to ditch his old worn-out pieces that he’s been wearing on trips since he was 18. (Bonus hint: make a quilt out of his old sentimental clothing items.)


Maybe he’s researching his next adventure, or trying to read up on a new skill or trend. Maybe he just really has a thing for fly-fishing, rock climbing, or whatever. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with a well-reviewed piece of nonfiction.

Getting your rugged, outdoorsy man the perfect gift can definitely seem like a challenge. But, the reality is, he will probably be happy you tried to get him something he genuinely cares about. Let’s be honest, most outdoorsy guys are pretty laid back. So, relax! You can splurge for some serious gear or cooking supplies, or go with a simple care package and a book. No matter what, you’ll be a hero.

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