A Passion for Home

Twenty-five years ago, I moved to Bellingham, Washington to ski and pursue a degree at Western Washington University. Unbeknownst to me at the time, Mt. Baker was about to set a world record for snowfall. That first winter totally changed the course of my life. I instantly became hooked on the deep powder skiing and the rugged and seemingly endless terrain of the Baker area.

I started taking photos of my friends skiing and snowboarding. I was lucky enough to sell a few photos to some snowboard companies and was instantly hooked on what would end up being my profession. In the years that followed, I have been fortunate enough to travel the world and follow my dream of documenting the sport of skiing and its mountain culture.

Although my photography work tends to take me away from home in the winter these days, the Baker area is still special to me. I truly hope that the timeless beauty of these mountains in monochrome will inspire the next generation (including my son Stian) to spend time recreating there and preserve them for others to enjoy as well.

Photographer Grant Gunderson’s iconic images have appeared in many publications, including Outside, The Ski Journal, Skiing, Backcountry, Freehub, and Powder magazines. When not traveling the globe in search of deep snow or good light, you’ll find him lapping local Galbraith Mountain trails or teaching his son how to stick the landing. Learn more at grantgunderson.com.

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