A Passion for Wildflowers: The Photography of Steph Abegg

One of my favorite aspects of macro photography is its ability to capture and preserve the fleeting details that enliven the world around us: a tiny insect on a blade of grass, a group of gleaming water droplets on a leaf, a row of ripples in the sand, a curtain of icicles on moss, a bright flower in bloom. In the spring, I relish those stolen moments when I can snap my macro lens onto my camera and immerse myself in the colorful and melodious world of nature.


Adventures_NW_Steph_Abegg_Wildflowers-4Steph Abegg is an avid climber and photographer. She spends her summers adventuring around the western US and the remainder of the year residing in Bellingham, Washington where she is a math instructor at Western Washington University. Her popular website provides a wealth of information on photography, as well as detailed beta from her many climbing and birding road trips. Check it out at StephAbegg.com

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