Alan Majchrowicz: Solitude and Wildflowers

Recently I made a five-day backpacking trip to one of my all-time favorite areas in the North Cascades—Image Lake, located high on Miner’s Ridge in the Glacier Peak Wilderness. For me, this is one of the classic views of mountains and lakes in the Northwest, rivaled only by a few other spots such as Picture Lake/Mount Shuksan and Tipso Lake/Mount Rainier. After a long hike in I was thrilled to have the entire area to myself, and spent the next few days exploring the ridge and photographing the magical scene and just sitting, taking it all in. Over the years, I have been fortunate to enjoy many memorable days in these beautiful places that are my home, alone with the mountains, glaciers and wildflowers.

Alan Majcrowicz;Alan Majchrowicz is a mountain wilderness fanatic who has been hiking and photographing in the Pacific Northwest and beyond for over 35 years. His landscape and nature images have been used by The Sierra Club, Apple Computer, National Geographic, Alaska Airlines and many more. He resides with his family in Bellingham. Learn more at

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