An Advocate for Wilderness: The Photography of Ethan Welty

Ethan Welty climbing the First Flatiron above his home in Boulder, Colorado.Raised in Seattle, I’m thankful to have once called these mountains home. These shy and beautiful mountains inspired me to rope up, make a career of photography, and go back to school for glacier science. Now I regularly travel back from Colorado to satiate my appetite for their granite faces, tree-drenched valleys, and lofty alpine basins on a life-long quest to build a comprehensive portrait of my “home range” and put my images to work for conservation advocacy in the region.

Ethan Welty is a Seattle-born photographer on a life-long quest to photograph and advocate for his beloved “home range”, Washington’s North Cascades. Back home in Boulder, he forages for his food, maps backcountry huts, and applies photography to the study of glaciers or a PhD at the University of Colorado. Visit Ethan’s website 

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