Brett Baunton

The Colors of Cascadia

There are many lists of the “Best Places in the USA” to see fall colors. A typical list consists of 20 ultimate destinations with no mention of the Cascade Range. This is truly wonderful as it means more blueberries for the bears and us without busloads of tourists. Despite capturing many beautiful images of colorful deciduous forests in the Northeast …

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Wild Nooksack: Celebrating a Free-flowing Beauty

The sound of rushing water and songs of an ouzel draw me closer to the river. For years, drawn to the high mountains, I passed by the Nooksack River on my way to the North Cascades. Now, having cultivated a deep appreciation for the beauty and serenity of this beautiful watercourse, I stop and linger on its banks to soak …

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Brett Baunton: Autumn in the North Cascades

Fall is the fabulous season of color. The Northwest is blessed with amazing fall scenery; flaming vine maples and mountain ash, meadows loaded with blueberries and crimson red foliage. Light, shadow and the contrasting colors add texture and interest. I love to watch the light, the colors and the seasons change – to be immersed in these dramatic events is …

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