Christian Martin

The Tao of Iceland

  It was the adventure of a lifetime that got its start from a typo, a fateful slip of the finger. I had been researching a trip to my ancestral homeland of the Emerald Isle, but instead of typing I-R-E-L-A-N-D, I tapped out I-C-E-L-A-N-D, and that one misplaced consonant  opened up the door for a memorable journey to a land …

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The Rewilding of the North Cascades: A Tale of Gray Wolves and Grizzly Bears

Grizzly bears roaming the hills a few ridges east of Bellingham? A pack of wolves on the hunt in forests less than 100 miles from downtown Seattle? In a time of environmental crisis – a warming, overcrowded planet, ocean acidification, an ark’s worth of species on the brink of extinction – there is something amazing happening here in our own …

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