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A Light in the Darkness: Best Flashlights for Camping

Even a decade or two ago, carrying a flashlight in the backpack was a smart thing to do. But with the growing popularity of cell phones and the rapid development of cell phone flashlights, it looked like our old-school flashlights were starting to lose their importance. But seasoned campers understand that cell phone flashlights don’t stand a chance when it …

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Why Hiking is Good for the Soul

Whether you’re taking in some stunningly beautiful brown bears or watching the sun come up on a mountain range, hiking can be a magical experience. It certainly isn’t for everyone, although many people have absolutely no idea what they’re missing out on. To some, the idea of trekking up a hill doesn’t hold much appeal but the view from the …

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Five Main Muscle Groups for Stronger Running

If you are smart runner, you will already be aware of the fact that targeted strength and sharpening routines as a part of the training program will help in reducing injury. This, in turn, will improve your running performance, allowing you to increase the odds of winning races, almost like using WSOP promo code. There are several options you have …

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