Lance Ekhart

The San Juan Islands: Archipelago of Dreams

For more than 20 years, I’ve been visiting the secluded “Three Amigos” in the San Juan Islands:  Matia, Sucia, and Patos Islands in my sailboat, Elenoa. Each voyage is different: the seasons determine what sections of the fantastical sandstone formations receive glorious lighting, whether Madrone bark is colorful, and whether spring flowers or fall colors dominate. Weather conditions and tides …

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Lance Ekhart: The Eye of the Heron

The Herons call to me. They fish from the dock and rest on the piling next to where I live on my boat and they adorn the seascapes where I photograph in the San Juans. Their blood-curdling, tortured-animal-like screaming compelled me to find their nesting area just blocks away and for months I heard them cavorting all night long while …

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The San Juans: High Tide, Calm Seas, Golden Light

by Lance Ekhart   I’ve been poking around the San Juan Islands with my sailboat for 12 years and I keep coming back to three little islands in the group: Matia, Sucia and Patos. Their fantastic sandstone formations perched above narrow and precipitous ledges compel me to find a way to access them, often a risky endeavor by dinghy, rewarding …

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