Laural Ringler

Short and Sweet: Overnight Bike Trips in Cascadia

Where can you bicycle if you only have today and tomorrow? My range depends on which month of summer, as my comfort level with thirty, fifty, or seventy miles of riding increases with proximity to autumn. Then there are people like my husband who ride 100-mile days for three solid weeks in June, as he did from our home in …

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The Coast is Clear: Hiking the Juan De Fuca Trail

Story and photos by Laural Ringler Don’t try this at home,” I felt compelled to tell my teenage son, as we both stuck out our thumbs to hitch a ride from the coast of Vancouver Island near Port Renfrew back to Jordan River. Thus commenced our family hitchhiking competition. My daughter and husband were one team, my son and I …

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Mountaineering in Goatland: The Ptarmigan Traverse

Story and photos by Laural Ringler Duct tape. I had awakened to small feet clawing through my hair as a critter ascended my head, leapt over my face, and continued across my sleeping bag. I fumbled for my headlamp, its sudden light illuminating a two-inch hole in the foot of our tent, a mouse nose sticking though it. Duct tape …

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