Lisa Toner

Human Powered Travel: The Road to Yellowstone

Story and photos by Lisa Toner Soggy clouds lingered over Bellingham Bay and remnants of the morning’s downpour clung stubbornly to pavement and grass. Huddled on the beach at Marine Park, we realized that we could put it off no longer: It was time to pedal into the unknown. We said goodbye to my parents, mounted our fully loaded bicycles, …

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When Dreams Come True: Climbing in the Bugaboos

by Lisa Toner WHOOSH! Calm skies become turbulent, jarring me out of my climbing-induced reverie. The wind rips loudly over the sharp ridge upon which I stand, with a sound like tearing canvas. Huddling closer to the wall of cold granite, I pay out rope to my climbing partner – who also happens to be my husband. The rope twitches. …

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