Robert Michael Pyle

Where Bigfoot Walks: Back to the Dark Divide

In 1989, Robert Michael Pyle was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship to investigate the legends of Sasquatch. The resulting book, Where Bigfoot Walks: Across the Dark Divide was published in 1995 and was greeted with international acclaim. In the decade that followed Pyle continued his explorations into the mythology and speculative realities surrounding the existence—or lack thereof—of Bigfoot. In a new …

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A Passion for Fluttering Wings: Six Great Butterfly Adventures in Cascadia

Butterflies might not be the first things that come to mind for the Northwesterner looking for fresh fields of outdoor experience. But just listen to this fevered description of high adventure from the May, 1936 National Geographic, in an article entitled “Butterflies – Try and Get Them,” by Lawrence Ilsley Hewes:  “If you are a real hunter, try for Papilio …

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