Autumn’s Magic

Every season in the Northwest has a special magic, but autumn always offers something unique and invigorating before winter’s long dark rainy days. For outdoor enthusiasts, the air is crisp and bright; the mountains are free of bothersome insects, and—from the sub-arctic to the Selkirks, Purcells, Rockies, and Cascades—a myriad of ecosystems unveil their autumn finery before the snows settle in for the long winter ahead. Visitors are transported into a sublime world of multi-hued splendor: mountain peaks freshly dusted with snow, forests of golden aspen, maple, and larch, and brilliant red shrubs and berries.

Alan Majchrowicz is a professional landscape and nature photographer living with his family in Bellingham. His images are widely used in magazines, tourism, advertising, and calendars. His fine art prints are found in healthcare facilities, offices, and private residences. You can view his photography at:

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