The sun peaks through a small hole in the autumn foliage in Eastern Washington.

Autumn’s Reminder

Fall is perhaps my favorite season to photograph nature. The sun hangs lower in the sky, casting long shadows and sweet light across a tapestry of leaves and foliage that changes colors day by day. I love the smells too and the crisp feeling in the air that reminds me to soak up the last of the warm days before the winter rains come. Sun bursting through crimson and vibrant yellow trees creates a phenomenal glow that fills my soul with warmth, a warmth  that will get me through the dark days of winter and on to the new green of distant spring.

Peter James is on a constant quest for natural beauty all around Northwest Washington. His work shows Mother Nature in her pure form with no signs of human life. He prints his vibrant images on huge sheet of aluminum and displays over 50 of them in his gallery in Fairhaven’s new Orca Building. Learn more at



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