Best sailing destinations in Jamaica

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Whether your idea of a fun sailing holiday means a serene sunset sail or a luxurious, pre-packaged cruise with cruise lines like Thomson, Jamaica offers near-perfect conditions to meet your every sailing needs. While Jamaica is not particularly known as a top sailing destination, the country boasts some exciting sailing locations with warm waters, ideal winds and beautiful harbours and islands to explore.

Jamaica sailing holiday

Virtually every major luxury hotel in the Caribbean offers its holidaying guests small sailboats. Leverage this offer and get on board one-masted catamarans, sailfish or sunfish vessels provided by the hotels and sail to and around the Caribbean island. If you are an intrepid sailor looking for more sailing fun, hop on board a chartered or personal boat and sail into any or all of the exciting harbors around Jamaica.

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The Errol Flynn Marina

Anchor out to the Errol Flynn Marina located at Port Antonio for a spectacular experience in the relatively calm waters. The Errol Flynn boat yard and marina are owned by Jamaica Port of Authority and supervised by Dale Westin, meaning sailing facilities are top-notch.

Ocho Rios

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Continue sailing west to the tourist town of Ocho Rios where you can make stops at Discovery Bay or St. Ann’s Bay. You will find this location bursting with life as cruise ships call in frequently and drop boatloads of holidaymakers and visitors. There are a good number of luxury hotels to explore as well.

Montego Bay

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Navigate to Montego Bay from Ocho Rios where you will find The Montego Bay Yacht Club. The Montego Bay Yacht Club is pleasantly accommodating and has some really nice facilities. From Monetgo Bay sail westward to the beautiful and well protected Negril on the west coast of Jamaica. Here you will enjoy good holding and anchorage.

Port Morant

On the south side of Jamaica at the east end lies Port Morant, a beautiful spot that is surrounded by spectacular mountains. The Coast Guard and Marine Police manage the small marina and will offer you free dockage and water if you like nature and feel inclined to tie up at their wharf and explore the natural splendor of the area on the ground.

The Black River

Your exploration of Jamaica is not yet complete until you discover the Black River with its good holding and adequate shelter. Arrange a guided tour up the river for a truly extraordinary experience. Hop back on board, set out south east and round off a perfect sailing discovery of magical Jamaica with stops at Portland Bight and finally Kingston Harbor on the east.

Besides sailing in Jamaica, you will never forget the culture; the food; the colors; the people; the smiles!

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