Blundstone Chelsea Boots: These Boots are Made for Walking

When it comes to fantastic fall footwear, the Blundstone Chelsea boot ($189-$219) stands alone. This unisex boot is stylish enough to go with dress pants or dresses, rugged enough to be a regular farm boot, and currently hip enough to wear every day with jeans. The heel allows for near hands-free exit and entry, and the great insulation underfoot will keep you toasty and warm when walking the dog on chilly autumn mornings. This is a no-brainer, extremely versatile boot that can also be used for après ski.

As with all footwear, I highly recommend trying this boot on in person—the sizing tends to run large. Another key issue about fitting this boot is that the ½ size is the wide fit; that is, a 9 and 9.5 are the same length, but the 9.5 is wider (also, there are women-specific sizes that are narrower than the regular unisex sizes). However, with my moderately wide-shaped foot, I did not find that I needed the wide boot for either the extra side-to-side room or the height of my instep. And the wide boots also come with a pair of shims to take up additional space if needed. As always, a pair of Superfeet or Sidas custom footbeds can improve the fit. Fitting particulars aside, pick your color and enjoy the fall!

Backcountry Essentials, owned by Chris Gerston, is an outdoor specialty shop located at 214 W. Holly in Bellingham, WA.

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