Cool Gear for Hot Summer Fun

Black Diamond® Spot 350 Headlamp

Headlamps just keep getting better and better – smaller, lighter, brighter, more versatile. Even in this context, the Black Diamond 350 really, er, shines. With 350 lumens on the bright setting, it’s bright enough for most any situation from pre-dawn trekking to late-night stove repair. Features? How about both a spotlight and a wide beam—and a dimmer that remembers your light level when you turn it off. Red setting to protect your night vision? Check. A button to provide a burst of high-intensity light when you need to identify the source of that rustling sound in the brush? But of course.



Arcy’teryx Rho LT Zip Men’s Base Layer

The Rho LT base layer from Arcy’teryx delivers amazing fleecy warmth and comfort in a lightweight (7.6 oz.) package.  Rare for a base layer, it’s cut long —no riding up—and the moisture wicking Torrent™ brushed polyester blend fabric is stretchy and cozy enough to sleep in. And like everything manufactured by Arcy’teryx, it’s well-constructed to provide years of service.

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Ravean Electric Hand Warmer Powerbank

This little gizmo comes in handy when the temperatures dip (a recent spring visit to the rim of the Grand Canyon). The cork-wrapped aluminum shell delivers three heat settings (up to 140 ℉ ) to keep you cozy and it doubles as an on-the-go power charger for your phone. Small, light and rugged: what’s not to like?

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GCI Brute Force Chair™

Looking for the ultimate, durable, rugged, bomb-proof camp chair? Look no further than the Brute Force Chair from GCI Outdoor. This chair is nearly as sturdy as your living room furniture. It’s extra-large and heavy-duty with rigid arms and a mesh beverage holder. It ain’t light at more than 10 pounds, but it sure is comfortable.

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