Elan Ripstick Tour 104 vs. Ripstick 106

Ripstick Tour 104

Backcountry Essentials is stoked to offer skis from Elan this year. We focused on the Ripstick series for both men and women because we felt these skis best complimented and differentiated themselves from all the other skis we carry. These skis are not slarvy, nor do they readily butter; they are precise carving machines—and they are a blast! We have the Men’s Ripsticks in 88mm and 106mm widths, the women’s widths in 88mm and 94mm, and the unisex Ripstick Tour at 104mm.

The Ripstick 106 and the Ripstick Tour 104 are both asymmetrical with a right and left-specific ski. They differ in that the Ripstick 106 is stiffer overall with a relatively stiffer tip and softer tail, while the Ripstick Tour has a softer tip and firmer tail dimension. The Tour offers a wider variety of turns with a looser feel overall, while the Ripstick excelled at carving hard pack with a style of turn that made me a better technical skier; very precise, very carvy, but less fluid.

Ripstick 106

The Ripstick Tour (180cm) weight is 1540 grams, while the Ripstick 106 weighs 1830 grams. The Ripstick Tour is perfect for an extended uphill day, while the weight of the Ripstick 106 is equally at home as a lighter inbounds ski or for shorter tours.

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