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Galbraith’s Best Trails: Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition’s Top Ten

  • Evolution – Starting from the top of the mountain, this technical trail has berms, jumps and drops. The “Stinger” ladder bridge is one of the oldest features on the mountain and recently underwent a full rebuild that should last another 20 years!
  • Mike Cunningham on SST. Photo by Stryka Media
    Mike Cunningham on SST. Photo by Stryka Media

    SST- A favorite ride on the North side of the mountain that is fun for intermediate and advanced riders.  It has rock rolls, jumps, rooty sections and lots of berms and exits into the Hannah Creek development.

  • Lost Giants – Recently rebuilt after this area was clear-cut, this lower trail is a perfect beginner and intermediate cross country trail with tons of flow and swoopy corners.
  • Whoopsie Woodle – A meandering trail that traverses from near the top of the mountain over towards Atomic Dog and the Pigs.
  • Atomic Dog – This directional south side trail is often the trail that riders use when exiting the mountain.  It contains roots, rocks, jumps and berms.
  • Keystone – Keystone has been rebuilt after recent logging and the large ravine was finally bridged in July of 2014.  The “Freedom Bridge” was an massive undertaking, but is a prime example of the WMBC’s trail building capabilities.
  • The Ridge / Miranda – The primary access for the North side, these trails are likely the most used on the mountain by hikers, bikers and trail runners.  Half way up the trail, there are incredible views of Bellingham, the bay and the San Juan Islands.
  • Wonderland – A great trail off the top of the mountain that meanders through younger forest and connects into Keystone.
  • Unemployment Line – The first machine-built jump trail on the hill that is suitable for beginners and expert riders alike. “U Line” will be undergoing a full overhaul this Spring.
  • Dog Patch – A cross country favorite, Dog Patch connects riders into Lost Giants, Last Call and Pony Express and has fun flow and a bridge beside a waterfall.

Maps:  You can purchase a waterproof paper map or download a GPS-interactive map for your smartphone at

Eric BrownEric Brown is the Trail Director for the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition.

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