Gear Spotlight: Line Sakana Skis

I have skied the Line Sakana at demos for the past 3 years and each year it was among my favorites. Maybe it’s because of the unique swallow tail that makes this ski so well rounded and playful.

The Sakana’s tail is pretty flat, which typically means that as you drop through the fall line of a turn, the tail loads up from the force generated as you slow down and playfully pops you into your next turn.  Rockered tails, on the other hand, tend to release more readily when loaded up in a turn resulting in a ski that can make a greater variety of turn shapes.  The swallow tail of the Sakana gives you the best of both worlds.

At 1770 grams, the Sakana weighs in as average-to-heavier for touring and light compared to other inbounds skis, which translates to a great 50/50 ski for in or out of bounds.  It has a great big tip and tail, so at 106mm in the waist, this ski really floats in powder.  But don’t think that this is a one sided ski—I had a blast making a variety of turns on groomers and never felt that it lacked for inspiring confidence at speed.

Bottom line: This uniquely-shaped ski is playful, carves well, and floats great for its width. But beware: you will most likely get lots of comments in the lift lines. $749.

Backcountry Essentials, owned by Chris Gerston, is an outdoor specialty shop located at 214 W. Holly in Bellingham, WA.

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