Gear Spotlight: Roxa R3 130 TI I.R. Ski Boots, $699

Is this the one boot to do it all?  While I’m generally skeptical of such claims, I have found that the Roxa R3 130 TI I.R. Ski Boot is a solid all-around contender: adept for inbounds, slackcountry, and backcountry skiing. This new interpretation of a three-piece Cabrio boot weighs in at 1520 grams (size 26.5), is compatible with either gripwalk or tech bindings (meaning it goes everywhere), and the 130 flex will drive any ski you like.

The fit of the shell, 99-101 mm wide, accommodates most moderate volume feet, and the grilamid plastic—while being light, stiff, and un-affected by cold temperatures— is also easy for a boot fitter to adjust. Warmth and comfort are ensured by the intuition liners (definitely take advantage of our free liner mold with purchase of boots, especially because they are intuition liners).

Mostly, what I love about the Roxa boots is the progressive flex inherent in the three-piece design. This allows for a little more flex at the top of the range of motion while skiing at slower speeds, but then the power of the grilamid at 130 flex stands up when you are really pushing the boot at speed in a turn. I’m also a huge fan of the simple walk mode mechanism and power strap buckle that allows you to take full advantage of quickly transitioning from ski to walk mode with efficient strides. So, yeah, this boot is built for the intermediate skier looking to advance or the experienced skier that wants to do it all.

Backcountry Essentials, owned by Chris Gerston, is an outdoor specialty shop located at 214 W. Holly in Bellingham, WA.

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