Grant Gunderson: Capturing the Heart of Winter

Growing up in Washington, I have been very fortunate to have been able to spend my entire life in the mountains. As a professional photographer, I am now be able to travel the world to search out the best powder and the best trails yet I am constantly reminded that we really do have the best of it all right here at home. For me, my photography is all about getting people excited to go spend time in the mountains whether skiing, mountain biking or hiking. I have always thought that if I can create fresh imagery that gets people excited to go spend time in the mountains, then my photography is successful.

Grant Gunderson in Seward Alaska on a shoot for MSPOne of the ski industry’s most dedicated photographers, Grant Gunderson has shot for major snow sports and outdoor publications worldwide including The Ski Journal, ESPN, Outside, Backcountry, Skiing, and Kootenay Mountain Culture. As Senior Photographer for Powder, he skis close to 200 days a year. See more of Grant’s awe-inspiring photography here.

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