John Scurlock: Beyond the Horizon

All my life I’ve been attracted to aviation, photography and travel in wild, remote regions. Prior to building my plane, a Van’s RV6, I climbed and backpacked extensively in the North Cascades, but soon realized that I could use the plane as a platform for exploring it photographically and began doing so in late 2002. I became obsessed with that and subsequently, have been fortunate to fly over many of the great western American and Canadian mountain ranges, in all seasons and conditions, with the goal of both documenting them and capturing the magnificence of seldom-seen and little-traveled terrain. Photography allows me to offer a sample of what’s out there, just beyond the horizon, and I hope viewers find the images as inspirational as the landscapes that I’ve been so privileged to see firsthand from the cockpit.

These images, of winter in the North Cascades, are drawn from both older and more recent flights.


JOHN SCURLOCKJohn Scurlock has been photographing mountains and glaciers from the air across western North America since 2002. His images have appeared in numerous publications and have been widely used by skiers, climbers, geologists, and glaciologists. He’s currently working on a project to photograph all the glaciers in the lower 48 states, in cooperation with scientists at USGS and Portland State University. His stunning coffee-table book, Snow and Spire: Flights to Winter in the North Cascade Range (2011, Wolverine Publishing) is available at local bookstores and online. See more of his images at

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