Light on the Palouse

The Palouse, located just south of Spokane is a rich farming area of some 3,000 square miles. After I retired, I had a list of places I wanted to photograph. The Palouse was at the top of the list. Since 2008, I have been to the Palouse at least five times. I am attracted to the rolling, asymmetrical hills, and the ever-changing colors from season to season. I also love the smoothly-flowing wheat fields, and the way the light changes, creating very unusual shadows. It is truly one of the most beautiful places in Washington.

Tommy Gibson has recently returned to Whatcom County where he graduated from Nooksack Valley High School. He is a retired photography instructor at West Valley College in Saratoga, CA. Tommy’s background includes 13 years as an industrial photographer for FMC Corporation.  He is also an accomplished illustrative and architectural photographer.



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