Light & Shadow: Winter in the Mt. Baker Backcountry


The Mount Baker backcountry is magical in black and white. Ever-changing light and shadows continually transform mountain peaks and slopes, highlighting the power and the allure of nature.

The backcountry in winter reveals the quiet solitude, the delicate texture of the snow, roiling mountain storms and the infinite sky. The clear air, angle of the light, tonal contrast, shapes and forms all lend themselves well to monochrome.

In making these photographs, my goal is to communicate my deep respect for the mountains. I want to share not just what I see, but what I feel when I’m in the backcountry.

Kenni Merritt became an avid photographer when she and her husband, Tom Barrett, moved to Bellingham in 2000. With camera and tripod always at the ready, they can be found running, hiking, snowshoeing and kayaking in the glorious Pacific Northwest and hiking in the desert Southwest.


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