Magic Hours on the Olympic Coast

My husband and I venture out to the wild and lonely Olympic Coast as often as we can. I’m always amazed by the quality and the angle of the light at the ocean’s edge. The sun often rises and sets through thick, opaque mist. Then the fog clears, revealing the drama of waves relentlessly pounding the sea stacks and islands.

Ever-changing light and shadows continually transform the shore, highlighting the power and the allure of nature. Atmospherics create the mood and tell a story.

In making these photographs, I want to share not just what I see, but what I feel when we’re all alone on the coast.

Kenni Merritt is an attorney who became a serious photography student when she and her husband, Tom Barrett, moved to their adopted hometown of Bellingham in 2000. With her camera and tripod always at the ready, they can be found running, hiking, snowshoeing and kayaking in the glorious Pacific Northwest.



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