Pack Rafting…Lite

Is Backcountry Essentials now a paddle sports store?

As the Northwest gets warmer, it seems like we are all going to want to find some water sports to cool off within the summertime. Backcountry Essentials has been researching what makes sense for us to offer the community. We have added two new brands in the pack rafting world, Kokopelli and Alpacka. We now offer super light boats for alpine lakes (3.6 lbs), bike rafting (5.2 lbs), and Whitewater Rivers (7.8-18 lbs) for sale or to rent. We also brought in the lightest Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) made, the Kokopelli Chasm Lite inflatable SUP (12.9 lbs).

Kokapeli Chasm Lite

SUPs have become a great tool to cool off in the summertime, get a peaceful workout, or entertain the kids at the lake. The problem has been the size and weight of the boat for transportation and storage. The Chasm rolls up to just larger than a roll of paper towels and also fits in your closet for storage or a car for transportation without a rack.

 The Chasm Lite is the definition of portability, packing into the included drybag with plenty of space for the pump, paddle, fin, leash (all included), and other basics, sunscreen, PFD, etc. When inflated, the 10-foot long, 30” wide, and 6” thick SUP is a stable boat for lakes and slow-moving rivers.

So, is Backcountry Essentials now a paddle shop? Well, sort of. Staying true to our core, we encourage lightweight adventures for rejuvenation, including rentals and demos to help people find new passions.

Backcountry Essentials, owned by Chris Gerston, is an outdoor specialty shop located at 214 W. Holly in Bellingham, WA.


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