Save the Land You Love while Promoting Your Business or Organization

As a long-time supporter of the Whatcom Land Trust, Adventures Northwest has launched a campaign to raise money for the important work that the Trust does in our community by donating a portion of new advertising revenues in 2021.

When you sign up to advertise in the magazine, we’ll donate 20% of the ad cost to support local land acquisition, preservation, and stewardship. You will benefit by promoting your business or organization in the pages of Adventures Northwest, reaching our 60,000 readers (joined by 30,000 readers of our digital edition). Our readers are well-educated, posses an average household income of $80,000, and are invested in the community. They are professional people who love living here and prefer to shop locally.

Because we publish quarterly, each issue of Adventures Northwest enjoys a ‘shelf life’ of three months and is distributed for free to hundreds of locations throughout western Washington with an emphasis on Whatcom and Skagit Counties. Unlike most free publications, Adventures Northwest doesn’t go from rack to recycling bin – as a sort of ‘coffee table magazine’, each issue is read cover-to-cover, saved and shared with an average of 3.9 people (according to survey data).

And all print ads also appear in our digital edition on – our website was named one of the Top Ten Adventure Sites in the World by Feedspot.

To take advantage of this unique opportunity to promote your business or organization while helping to support the Whatcom Land Trust, contact me at or 360.319.1614.

Best Regards,

John D’Onofrio