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The Ice Caverns of Mt. Rainier: Bill Lokey Dives Deep

Most adventurers struggle mightily to reach a summit peak or a distant destination in some wild and forbidding place. Once there, they can enjoy the view, snap some photos, snack on some granola bars, and revel in the satisfaction of a job well done. Then, after a short interlude, it’s time to head on back from whence you came. …Unless …

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Autumn Adventures at the Pickford Film Center

Fall has many gifts for us here in Cascadia. In the North Cascades, the alpine meadows are painted with autumn colors and the larch trees display their vibrant orange finery. Down by the shores of the Salish Sea, the nights grow crisp and the quality of light grows more intense as the sun’s arc carries it lower in the sky. …

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Seven Summits: Climbing Antarctica’s Vinson Massif

by Dave Mauro   This is the fifth installment in Dave Mauro’s Seven Summits series. In previous accounts, Dave was introduced to high altitude climbing on an unlikely ascent of Alaska’s Denali, North America’s highest peak. After Denali, Dave determined to attempt to climb the highest point on each continent – the “Seven Summits.” Successful ascents followed:   Mt. Kilimanjaro …

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Antarctica: When Clouds Become Mountains

by Abby Sussman When I walk a trail, wander the silty perimeter of a river, or weave through a snow bound forest, I spend much of the time looking down. I’m not particularly clumsy, nearsighted, or interested in my boots. I am looking for animal tracks. The physical acts of observation: tenderly tip-toeing over the imprint of an elk’s passage, …

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