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Book Review: Arctic Traverse

Arctic Traverse, by Michael Engelhard; Mountaineers Books, Seattle, 2024   What makes a travelogue a great read? In my opinion, it uses the trip’s events as a springboard for reflection and exploration and asks important questions about our impact on the landscape and what we can do to minimize it. The basic story of writer Michael Engelhard’s book, Arctic Traverse, …

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Reflections on Wilderness: A Sojourn in the Brooks Range

  It all started simply enough. Rand’s son Darby was graduating from Williams College in 1997, and his dad asked him what he wanted as a graduation present. The answer too was simple: “A trip.” Next question: where? In his Introduction to the second edition of Alaska Wilderness: Exploring the Central Brooks Range, George Marshall provided the answer. “The greatest …

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The Language of Humility: A Journey into the Brooks Range

From the moment I pull my pack from the truck, heft it onto my back and walk away from the road, I  am on my own. It is a relief for me to be dropped off at this lake, free of obligation, committed to nothing but finding my way through wide valleys, over a pass and down a river. I …

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