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Tips to Take Your Dog Paddling

Have you ever considered taking Fido along for a paddle? In many cases, man’s furry best friend is a great companion on the water as well as dry land. Fun? Quite likely. Simple to get started? Not so much. Some preparation and training are required. It’s not going to be as easy as choosing the best casino from Pennsylvania online …

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Whistle Lake: Reflections from the Back of a Canoe

Reflections from the back of a canoe  ||  story & photos by ADAM JEWELL  || I walk out into the garage and in passing I notice my canoe is dusty. “That’s odd,” I think to myself, “it hasn’t been that long since I last used it.” Or has it? I start counting backwards: “One…ah, two… three…four…No!—it can’t be—eight months?” With …

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