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A Cathedral in our Backyard: Saving the Canyon Lake Community Forest

In the long-ago summer of 1995, I visited the “community forest to be” in the foothills of the North Cascades with my 14-year-old daughter Kelsey. She sat leaning against an old tree in the ancient forest. “No one would ever dream of tearing down the ancient cathedrals in Europe,” she observed. “How could anyone even think about cutting down this …

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The Trail Builder’s Art – The Legacy of Russ Pfeifer-Hoyt

If you’re like me, you’ve been on a remote hiking path in the North Cascades and thought to yourself, “Gosh, this trail sure is remote and rugged and well-maintained. I wonder who humped all the way up here to build it?” You’d be surprised at how often the answer is Russ Pfeiffer-Hoyt. Russ and his team of intrepid trail-builders have …

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