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Bike Northwest: Cycling Adventures with a Side of Culture

As the ravages of the pandemic dragged on throughout the months—with seemingly no end in sight—many folks resigned themselves to life indoors; A life shut away from the world. What else was there to do besides wallow and wait? Turns out, much more. When Connor Froyen Harron, the Study Tour Director for Bellingham, WA-based Experience International (EI), realized that the …

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The Magic of Cascadia on Horseback

Experiencing the great outdoors on horseback is an incomparable experience. The feeling of symbiosis with a powerful animal adds to the sense of being one with nature. Challenging your physical endurance is enhanced by developing a bond with your steed. Conquering steep mountain trails requires quite different skills than racing, as speed offers a different kind of adrenaline. If the …

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Short and Sweet: Overnight Bike Trips in Cascadia

Where can you bicycle if you only have today and tomorrow? My range depends on which month of summer, as my comfort level with thirty, fifty, or seventy miles of riding increases with proximity to autumn. Then there are people like my husband who ride 100-mile days for three solid weeks in June, as he did from our home in …

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