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Gear Spotlight: Mountaineering 101

Do you enjoy hiking uphill for a really long time? Have you thought about mountaineering, but are unsure where to start? Just outside of Bellingham, in the North Cascades, we have access to some of the best mountaineering in the lower 48. Stark and dramatic, rock and ice environs are a perfect place to enjoy being alive. Here are some …

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The Weight of Time: A Rescue on Denali

August 2015 – Ruth Glacier, Denali National Park, Alaska The Talkeetna Air Taxi scenic flight circles the massive south face of Denali which rises 8000 feet from its glacial foundations. The plane – with ten passengers on board – drifts over the Matterhorn-like peaks around the Ruth Glacier, then throttles down and lands. One by one, the passengers climb down …

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How to Achieve a Period of Deep, Uninterrupted Sleep

Begin by accumulating long-term sleep deficit. Join persons more vigorous than self for an outdoor adventure. Over-estimate abilities. Under-prepare. Get a late start. Remain optimistic. Push harder than accustomed. Admit inability to achieve desired objective only when dehydrated, fatigued, and threatened by imminent darkness. Get separated from partners. Make incorrect route choice. Down-climb approximately 800 vertical feet chossy, exposed, class …

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Time to Play: Discovering Your Inner Ninja

There are great advantages to be reaped when people play together. That’s the simple premise of Adventura, an outdoor adventure playground in Woodinville, where either you’ll find your inner child, or your inner child will jump out and surprise you. Adventura offers activities, many of which revolve around its aerial adventure playground, that include climbing, zip lining, playing tag, obstacle …

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Adventures NW Interview: Mountain Guide Larry Goldie

Story by Ted Rosen When you think about a mountain guide, you probably imagine someone who has the physique of a lifeguard and the steel gaze of a jet pilot. Male or female, the mountain guide is preternaturally competent and patient. Whether it’s a Sherpa on K2 or a Swiss uber-climber on the Matterhorn, the mountain guide is a global …

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When Dreams Come True: Climbing in the Bugaboos

by Lisa Toner WHOOSH! Calm skies become turbulent, jarring me out of my climbing-induced reverie. The wind rips loudly over the sharp ridge upon which I stand, with a sound like tearing canvas. Huddling closer to the wall of cold granite, I pay out rope to my climbing partner – who also happens to be my husband. The rope twitches. …

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