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The Weight of Time: A Rescue on Denali

August 2015 – Ruth Glacier, Denali National Park, Alaska The Talkeetna Air Taxi scenic flight circles the massive south face of Denali which rises 8000 feet from its glacial foundations. The plane – with ten passengers on board – drifts over the Matterhorn-like peaks around the Ruth Glacier, then throttles down and lands. One by one, the passengers climb down …

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The Ice Caverns of Mt. Rainier: Bill Lokey Dives Deep

Most adventurers struggle mightily to reach a summit peak or a distant destination in some wild and forbidding place. Once there, they can enjoy the view, snap some photos, snack on some granola bars, and revel in the satisfaction of a job well done. Then, after a short interlude, it’s time to head on back from whence you came. …Unless …

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Climbing Kilimanjaro: Quest for the Seven Summits

Story and photos by Dave Mauro   They had warned me to not leave anything out on my balcony. “The Baboons,” the man at the front desk explained. It was the first day of being on safari. The Kilimanjaro climb was behind me now, and I had time to think about what went right, what went wrong. I sat out …

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Climbing Denali – Quest for the Seven Summits

by Dave Mauro Special to Adventures NW At the age of 32, I climbed Mt Baker with the help of some friends and a guide from the American Alpine Institute. I had not done any mountain climbing prior to this. I remember sweating a lot, feeling tired, tagging the summit in whiteout conditions and stumbling back down the hill.  The …

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