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Fumbling Toward Fulfillment: The Metamorphosis of Colin Fletcher

Colin Fletcher was the world’s most famous walker, an extremely popular author, and dubbed the first thru-hiker and father of modern backpacking. His was an outspoken voice supporting wilderness preservation: when Fletcher had something to say, people listened. Few people realize today that most of his fundamental vision for wilderness travel—and his world view—was kindled in the Pacific Northwest between …

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Havasu Canyon: Springtime in Shangri La

I first heard about Havasu Canyon from Edward Abbey. His idyllic description of it in Desert Solitaire really caught my eye when I first read it back in the 70’s. It sounded like paradise on Earth, a desert Garden of Eden. It sounded too good to be true. Thirty-five years later, my time had finally come to see Havasu for …

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Rim to Rim: On the Run in the Grand Canyon

Much ado has been made about barefoot running since McDougal’s book “Born to Run” was published in 2009. However, little note has been taken of the case that the author makes that we were born to run or more specifically, that our species advanced through evolution by virtue of our ability to run long distances. Perhaps if he had been …

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