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Snowshoeing in Paradise: A Pilgrimage to Artist Point

  Story and photos by John D’Onofrio   A blessing…and a curse. Here in the ragged northwest we are blessed with some of the most dramatic mountains in the world.  The peaks are sharp against the sky, wild fangs of rock and ice.  The weather has had its way with them and they are shaped and chiseled by its ferocity …

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The Edge of Paradise: A Walk on the Na Pali Coast

Story and photos by John D’Onofrio I’ve been thinking about the 22-mile Kalalua trail for many, many moons. The trek is a world classic; winding along the breathtakingly beautiful Na Pali coast of Kuai’i on an ancient route that skirts heart-pounding cliffs and dives into primordial jungle. Na Pali is aptly named. It means, literally, the cliffs. Direct and to …

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Anything Worth Doing: A New Adventure Classic

By John D’Onofrio A disclaimer right up front: I love adventure stories. Just devour them. From Endurance to Touching the Void, I’m a sucker for pulse-quickening, what-the-hell-happens-next tales about those rare modern (or not so modern) heroes that push the envelope in the pursuit of some magnificent obsession. Stories of derring do. People who put practical considerations aside to pursue …

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John D’Onofrio: The Remarkable Tombstone Range

Located in the northern Yukon Territory, the Tombstone Range has been described as “the Patagonia of Canada” for its collection of soaring monoliths rising above the treeless tundra –  an otherworldly landscape of harsh beauty. The park consists of wilderness on a truly epic scale and is home to a virtually untouched ecosystem that includes grizzly bears, wolves, wolverines and …

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Preservation vs. Recreation: Tense Times at Glacier Peak

|| story by John D’Onofrio || photos by or courtesy of John D’Onofrio || Ah, wilderness! The open country, uncrossed by roads. The silence, unbroken by the clamor of machines. Here in the Great Northwest, wilderness is a cherished concept, a chance to refresh our souls and recharge our psychic batteries. But what is wilderness exactly? And what is our …

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