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Solo Ironman: 140.6 Miles through Unfamiliar Territory

2020 was disorienting, a year that made mockery of our plans and expectations and made division and uncertainty an aspect of daily living. It was a climb over false ridges, navigating across a landscape I didn’t have a map for—that none of us had a map for.  Lost?.. yes, and loss itself seemed everywhere. Our social, political and professional worlds …

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A Passion for Paddling: Making Waves on Lake Padden

The peaceful, glass-like waters of Lake Padden attract plenty of recreational paddlers of all kinds, but one man sees the lake destined for greater things. Dan Baharav, 75, came to Bellingham in 2004 and discovered a Mecca for paddlers here with the open waters off the coast and sizeable lakes inland. Baharav raced surf-ski kayaks, the long, lightweight, narrow-bottomed style …

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A Promise Kept, A Record Broken

My left paddle blade drags heavily across the water as I lean back in my seat and glide toward the beach. At the water’s edge, a 3-foot wide, red digital clock clicks off the time: 22 hours, 8 minutes, 15 seconds and counting. In knee-deep water, a crew of six are waiting for me, and when my surfski reaches them they …

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