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The Return of the Mountain Runners

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” –Henry David Thoreau Where does inspiration come from? Some people find it in the books they read. Others find it through their dreams or during conversations with friends. I’m no stranger to sudden inspiration. I once had an idea to run a marathon on every continent (after completing …

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Mountain Runners Film Nominated for Grand Prix Graz 2012

Bellingham Filmmaker Hits the Festival Circuit The Mountain Runners, a feature documentary released this year that tells the amazing story of the Mount Baker Marathon has been nominated for “Grand Prix Graz 2012” award and the “Alpine Camera in Gold” award at the 24th International Mountain & Adventure film festival in Graz, Austria. This festival, which runs from Nov. 9-12, …

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Mountain Runners: The Story of the Mt. Baker Marathon

The year was 1911 and Bellingham was a sleepy town on the northern reaches of the Salish Sea. Aside from the logging industry and the salmon canneries, not much was going on. The Mount Baker Club, a business group at the time, wanted something to draw attention to their corner of northwest Washington. Inspired by Mount Rainier National Park, which had been created in 1899 and had become an instant tourist attraction, club members resolved that if Rainier could draw a steady stream of gawking (and well-moneyed) tourists from back east, then surely nearby Mount Baker could too.

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