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An Advocate for Wilderness: The Photography of Ethan Welty

Raised in Seattle, I’m thankful to have once called these mountains home. These shy and beautiful mountains inspired me to rope up, make a career of photography, and go back to school for glacier science. Now I regularly travel back from Colorado to satiate my appetite for their granite faces, tree-drenched valleys, and lofty alpine basins on a life-long quest …

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A Celebration of Wonder: The Photography of Sue Cottrell

I delight in using my camera in unusual ways to discover scenes in nature that may not stand out at first glance. I enjoy taking long exposures while moving my camera; discovering art that the ocean left behind; shooting from an unusual angle; or finding detail in a flower that when isolated from the whole, presents a little world unto …

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A Mirror on the World: The Evocative Photo Mandalas of Lance Ekhart

Lance Ekhart is seeing things. Amazing, beautiful, complicated things. The Anacortes, WA.-based photographer has been capturing the beauty of Pacific Northwest (and other) landscapes for many years (his images of the San Juan Islands graced the pages of our Spring 2013 issue). But recently, Ekhart started experimenting with a completely new way of interpreting the landscapes that he loves, creating …

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The Many Moods of Winter: The Photography of Mark Turner

Northwest winters have many moods. Gray on gray blizzards famously dump deep snow around Mount Baker, but then we awaken to magical sunshine. Blue sky reflects off sparkling snow, revealing trees morphed into Seussian forms and accessible only by ski or snowshoe. Down near the Salish Sea I find frost the morning after a cold snap. Cottonwood buds and rose …

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Autumn Colors: The Photography of Floris van Breugel

Autumn is perhaps the most wonderful time to be in the mountains, especially the North Cascades. Many of the sub-alpine hillsides (between 5,000 and 7,000 feet or so) are covered in berry bushes, and around mid- to late-September the berries ripen into heavenly little treats. These are Cascade Bilberries. They have one of the more appropriate Latin names I’ve come across: Vaccinium …

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Brett Baunton: Autumn in the North Cascades

Fall is the fabulous season of color. The Northwest is blessed with amazing fall scenery; flaming vine maples and mountain ash, meadows loaded with blueberries and crimson red foliage. Light, shadow and the contrasting colors add texture and interest. I love to watch the light, the colors and the seasons change – to be immersed in these dramatic events is …

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