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Requiem for the Salish Sea Orcas

The orca population of the Pacific Northwest is dying. There isn’t much debate about this; every expert in marine biology agrees. The local orcas, known as the southern resident killer whales (SRKW), have had population fluctuations since the 1970’s, but the latest data shows a population in permanent decline. This is really bad news. As apex predators, the orcas are …

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Grandmother embarks on a 17-day fast to bring attention to the extinction of the Southern Resident Orca of the Salish Sea

Lanni Johnson, grandmother of six, has become increasingly concerned about the fate of the Southern Resident killer whale. Over the last few years she has watched more than a dozen killer whales perish from a combination of factors, all exacerbated by unconscionable declines in Chinook salmon runs. “Witnessing an extinction event in my own backyard has caused me deep concern. …

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The Magic of the Inside Passage: Images from a Solo Sojourn

Water is my element, where I feel most at home. Kayaking is my passion, bringing out the best in me and challenging me to be better. Bringing a camera on my watery sojourns helps me share this passion in a colorful, soulful reality. In spring 2010, with my world scaled down to an eighteen-foot sea kayak and a 1,200 mile ribbon of water …

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San Juan Trust Expands Turtleback Mountain Preserve

Acquisition Protects Entire Ridgeline, Provides Public Access to Turtlehead   The San Juan Preservation Trust has acquired a property on Orcas Island that will add more than 140 acres to the Turtleback Mountain Preserve and permanently protect the entire ridgeline of the mountain. The iconic turtle-shaped profile of Turtleback Mountain is recognizable from throughout the San Juan archipelago. It was …

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