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Welcoming the Spring Tide

It has been a long and winding road to my destination. As each year passes, I become more convinced that photography chose me. Just as the persistence of dripping water hollows out stone, creative photography relentlessly knocked at my door. She became my center, my true north, my addiction, and my gravity. Without her presence, at times, I sense a …

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Whatcom Land Trust: 35 Years of Stewardship

If you’ve ever taken a hike, bike or paddle in gorgeous Whatcom County, WA, it’s likely that you’ve stood on land that’s been permanently protected by the Whatcom Land Trust (WLT). Since 1984, this humble nonprofit has tirelessly pursued its mission to preserve and protect wildlife habitat and scenic, agricultural and open space lands in Whatcom County for future generations. …

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Paddling in Paradise: Protected Places on the Salish Sea

When I slip my kayak into Bellingham Bay, I sometimes choose a direction without a destination. Paddling is an end in itself and destinations require decisions. It’s like choosing between a slice of Oreo cheesecake and chocolate mousse. Can I have some of each? Not if they’re in two different directions. If I do select a destination, my tastes lean …

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